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Collaborative Recording Project

Each student will do two collaborative recording projects. Each project must be a collaboration with someone that you are not in the same geographical location with at any point during the project.

Project 1:
For the first project, you need to contribute a substantial musical element to someone else’s project. This might be recording guitar, singing background vocals, or doing a mixdown. You may give suggestions or guidance, but use whatever communication and file transfer methods the project originator wants to use. For this project, you may work with someone you already know, but they may not be in the your same geographical location (APU or surrounding).

Project 2:
For the second project, you will produce a recording, using someone else as a remote collaborator. Use the methods discussed in class to communicate and organize the session. For this project, the other person must be someone that you do not already have a relationship with, who you’ve contacted and are working with solely for the purposes of this project.

Both projects will be turned in by submitting the Logic Project folder (or whichever software you used for the project), including all audio files needed, burned onto a data CD. I should be able to copy the date over onto a hard drive and open the full session, just as you were working on it. You will also turn in the following assessment: Collaborative Recording Assessment as a word document on the data CD.

Write your name on the CD itself, then bring it to class on the due date.