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Online Marketing and Distribution Plan (OMDP)

The Artist

Each team will create an online marketing and distribution plan for a working artist or band. The artist must meet the following criteria:

  1. The must have active content on their musical platform, or have content ready to be distributed (an EP recorded, or an active YouTube channel, etc.)
  2. They shouldn’t have a fully developed online presence. Having a website and a facebook page is fine, but they shouldn’t have something so finished off that there’s nothing left for you to do.
  3. They need to be willing to spend up to $100 on marketing campaigns such as facebook ads and google adsense campaigns. They will be paying these vendors directly, nothing will be paid through you or to you, but we will be directing the campaign and helping them make purchasing decisions.
  4. They must be willing to give you access to the raw data behind their social media presence. This means administrative access to their Facebook music page, their twitter account, their server space, etc. Encourage them to change all of these accounts to a new password for the duration of the project, then change it again once the project is over, so that you no longer have access to those accounts.
  5. They need to be willing to come to class and meet with us twice.

The Plan

Once you have selected the artist and have their approval, your team will develop and implement an online marketing and distribution plan. This will be very different for each artist, and should be developed in consultation with the artist. Here are a few examples of OMDP goals that were completed by previous groups of students:

  • Increase the artist’s YouTube channel subscribers from 500 to 1000 by using targeted releases of cover songs and marketing those videos to people who search for the original artist’s video.
  • Distribute the artist’s new album through iTunes and Spotify. Divide the artist’s email newsletter database into two different test groups, and track response rates to an ask for Spotify streams and an ask for iTunes purchase.
  • Use targeted Facebook promoted content to get consist reach of over 1000 for each post. Use increased reach numbers to promote an upcoming concert, with a target of 150 fans (up from 90-100 at previous concerts).
  • Create physical marketing media (table placements) for new fans to follow the artist on social media, and integrate these into the merch setup for an upcoming Hotel Cafe show. Integrate social media into the stage show by having fans use twitter to request cover songs. The goal is 10% of the audience to become new followers on social media.
  • Create a new website for a cover band to help them book corporate work. Use best SEO practices and targeted ads to give the site a Google Page Rank of 1 for the term “Riverside Wedding Band.”

The plan you develop needs to adhere the SMART goals as discussed in class. Each step in the plan should be:

1. Specific
2. Measurable
3. Achievable
4. Results-based
5. Time-bound

The emphasis for this project will be on the presentation of numerical data – we want to see statistics and interactions across time, and to see them tied to specific actions by your team. In other words, if your goal is to increase Facebook traffic by a certain amount, you need to come to the final class prepared to show the historical data on that Facebook page throughout the project. If the goals is a certain number of album sales or Spotify streams, you need to indicate how that data has changed over time.

The following guide should be used to guide your presentation of your plan. Each team must submit one copy of the document.

OMDP – Plan Guide

Final Assessment

Please download the following document to use as a guide while planning your presentation and your written assessment:

OMDP – Final Assessment

Spring 2015 Groups

Group 1
Alex Amo
Curtis Humphrey
Aaron Dishno
Andrew Nelson

Group 2
Micah Armacost
Tyler Linahan
Pat E.
Nicole Palafox

Group 3
Anna Biscocho
Jennifer Hard
Jamie Hart
Brooks Radtke

Group 4
John Christiansen
Tricia Fontneau-Ramos
Emma Ho’o
Eric Teeples

Group 5
Lila Crosswhite
Yo Whan Yoon
Bryan McKenzie
Adam Tune

Group 6
Luc DeNui
Alex Mills
Prezleigh Moy
Suzannah Wilson
Kirsten Armstrong