everything you need to survive MUS223 and build your online presence as a commercial musician at Azusa Pacific University

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Each student will discover an online service or resource that would be useful for musicians or music industry professionals, and will give a 20-30 minute presentation and demonstration of the site. These might be online sales sites, contact services, online music software, merchandise fulfillment sites, or any other site that has value for musicians. The purpose of the presentation is to give enough information that the other students in the class can make an informed decision about the value of the site. The presentation should include the following, as applicable:

  • Service offered (whenever possible, demonstrate actual use)
  • Practical application for musicians
  • Review and critique the site, what works well, what doesn’t
  • Cost structure – how does the site earn income?
  • Comparison to other sites in the same field
  • Conclusion: what makes this site a good (or bad) choice for the service offered?

A list of presentations from previous semester can be found here: Presentation Links. You can use it to get ideas of what kind of sites people present, but don’t chose anything from that page.

For websites that require an email address for signup, please use


the password is



  • 1/28 Alex Amo & Kirsten Armstrong
  • 2/4 Micah Armacost & Anna Bisocho
  • 2/11 John Christiansen & Lila Crosswhite
  • 2/18 Luc DeNeui & Aaron Dishno
  • 3/4 Pat E. & Tricia Fontneau-Ramos
  • 3/18 Jennifer Hard & Jamie Hart
  • 3/25 Emma Ho’o & Curtis Humphrey
  • 4/1 Tyler Linahan & Bryan McKenzie
  • 4/8 Alex Mills & Prezleigh Moy
  • 4/15 Andrew Nelson & Nicole Palafox & Yo Whan Yoon
  • 4/22 Brooks Radtke & Eric Teeples
  • 4/22 Adam Tune & Suzannah Wilson