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Booking the Band

posted on January 26th, 2013

I dont’ have a song or an arrangement, but I have a general idea of the sound I want to get, so I went ahead and booked the band for a primary tracking session on Wednesday, January 29th. The session will setup at 7:30pm, and will track from 8:15 to 10:15 pm. I’m hoping to get all primary rhythm and some guitar overdubs done in that time.

Drums – Bryan Taylor
Guitars – Corey Witt
Bass – Brandon Shaw
Keyboards – Ryan Skiles

Without having a chart or demo for them to listen to, I didn’t have much for them to work from. Instead, I told them to listen to some tracks from Rage Against the Machine, Halestorm, and Linkin Park to get a sense of the tones and feel that we would be working toward. I’ll confirm specific gear choices later, as well as sending out the demo and chart when it’s finished.

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