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“This Is Who I Am” Song Demo, Initial Concept

posted on January 26th, 2013

I’ll be running a demo session for the class for a song titled “This is Who I Am.” In order to give you a sense of what the pre-production process looks like, I’ll be making a series of posts that dive into the process.

First up, about the project. This is a session for a specific song placement in a reality TV show. The pitch asks for a heavy pop/rock song with strong female vocal lead. Content needs to be about personal strength, identity, it can even be a little edge or abrasive.

The songwriting and production will be moving in parallel on this, so I’ll try to cover both in these posts.

I like the idea of strength and abrasiveness, so in the songwriting process I’m going to focus on the title hook “This is Who I Am,” sung from a 1st person voice of a girl breaking up a guy who is who intimidated by her own sense of self. He wants someone simple and pretty and just a little dumber than him, she’s none of those things. The chorus so far is:

This is who I am,
This is who I am,
I don’t have to try and make you understand
If you want to stay,
Or if you want to go,
Either way, you should know
Nothing’s gonna change who I am
Won’t change who I am.

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