this is the place to find everything you need to produce your album at Azusa Pacific University

Online Resources

These are some of the online resources that I use on almost every project. You don’t need to use them, but you should at least take a look at what they do.

  • Dropbox – allows you to create shared folders with other team members, so that all documents, session files, and other data stay in sync with every involved.
  • – send large files to users for free, without needing to sign up for an account. Great for those times when a client wants a full-rez preview of the mix, but for some reason refuses to sign up for dropbox.

Some links to online tutorials and helpful techniques:

Charting for the Studio

The following are examples of professional quality studio charts. Note both the visual clarity and the musical accuracy.



Drum Recording

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Piano

Electric Guitar


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