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Red Christmas Cups

posted on November 10th, 2015
Starbucks Holiday Cups

Yep. We’re doing it.


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Group 1

Death by a Thousand Likes

  1. If we think about the income model of Facebook, what is their product, and who is their customer?
  2. How does the business model of platforms like Facebook shape public dialog?

Group 2

The New Intolerance of Student Activism

  1. How do the reactions of the student activists in this case relate to Aristotle’s model of ethos, pathos, and logos? (authority, emotion, and reason)
  2. Why have outrage and shame become important factors in public dialog?

Group 3

Meet the New Boss, Worse than the Old Boss (skim this for relevant content, it’s too long to really digest in the time given)

  1. What do the new platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) value? How does that value shape the content that is successful on their platform?
  2. How does the issue of risk/reward factor into the new models? Is this a significant issue for musicians trying to create content?

Wrap Up

Starbucks Red Cups, and the Internet Outrage Machine

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