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Amanda Palmer vs. Broadway

posted on November 1st, 2016

Group 1: Amanda Palmer raises $1million in a kickstarter campaign, then asks local musicians to play for “beer and hugs” on her upcoming tour. Starting links 1,2,3. (Warning, this topic involves extensive and gratuitous use of obscene language)

Group 2: In 2003, the Local 802 musicians union calls for a strike of Broadway shows to protect “orchestra pit minimums.” Starting links 1,2,3.

Each group should spend time becoming familiar with the circumstances surrounding their case. Include research beyond the links given, and make sure you understand the references that the articles are making to other people or events.

When you have a strong understanding of the events, choose one of the interested parties. Reconstruct their argument as best you can from the available material. Don’t be innovative, present the argument as it exists. Your task is synthesis and organization, not propping up or fixing weak arguments.

You will then present the case to the class, along with the argument from the perspective of one of the interested parties. The class will critique the argument, with special attention to flaws of logic and assertion with justification.

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