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Case Study Interviews

Review 2 Existing Case Studies

The student will select 2 case studies from the archives on the course website. The student will read the written case study, and then listen to the audio recording of the interview. Write a one-paragraph response to the case study, answering how you think the issue should be resolved.

In addition, if there are errors in format, in spelling, or factual errors between the recording and the case study, list those in a separate paragraph at the end of your review.

Case Study Archives

Professional Interview

The student will conduct an interview with a professional who is working in a field similar to the field that the student intends to enter. The interview subject must be currently making their living as a working professional in this field, and may not be a faculty member, adjunct teaching staff, or a recent graduate of APU. Students must have instructor approval via email for their choice of interview subject prior to conducting the interview. The class as a whole will formulate a set of questions that each person should use, and the interviewing student should prepare additional questions pertinent to their own subject.

The interview should be 20-30 minutes in length. The student will record the interview, either in video or audio format. This recording, along with the written case study, will be uploaded to a shared folder in Google Drive, where other students can view it and respond with comments.

Please read this document for the complete details on the case study interview:
Interview and Case Study

The link below goes to a sample of a case study. Note the academic tone and lack of biased language.
Case Study Example